December 4th Newsletter



Dear Families,

We hope you are getting a chance to appreciate these beautiful fall days. We’ve been enjoying this stretch between Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. In class, we have been singing songs that remind us of the change of seasons, such as The North Wind Down the Chimney Blows. Perhaps your child would like to sing this to you and show you the hand motions (complete with the rattling of windows and doors). This class has so much fun together! We have also been reading books that take place in wintertime, in anticipation of our winter holidays.

We are taking a little break from field trips at the moment, as we wait to get through what will hopefully be the rainy season. When we called MAH to book our Evergreen Cemetery trip for February recently, they told us that they had decided to skip January through March field trips, and not book any trips until April, because they had had to cancel too many trips last year. With that in mind, we have requested a May date. We will keep you posted and hope to confirm this trip soon.

We also will be going to Wilder Ranch in the spring. We usually go on this special trip in the fall. Each year, we place our name in a lottery for this very popular Kids Ranch Day field trip. If we get selected, we have to take whatever date is offered. This year, we did get in, and our date is April 27th.

As we look ahead, this will make a really busy and exciting spring for us. In addition to the Evergreen and Wilder trips, we will be walking to Neary Lagoon on March 23rd, as part of our Ocean Day/Wetlands study. (More about this in a future newsletter.) We also have walking trip to the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf planned for springtime. More about this trip later, too, and the date is also to be determined. It will be a spring full of adventure for sure.

Your children have been doing lots of problem solving in math these days. Today, everyone used counters to find multiple solutions to a puzzle about table and chair legs. Tonight’s homework is along these lines, but related to bikes and tricycles. Please help your child to find something around the house to use as counters: Cheerios, dry pasta, dry beans, Lego cubes, etc. Along with five other Gateway teachers, I (Kaia) attended the Asilomar math conference over the weekend. I learned a great deal and am returning to the classroom energized and inspired with some new kinds of math puzzles and challenges.

In nutrition this week, we will be studying the vitamins contained in different fruits. On Friday, we will be preparing and eating a large fruit salad. Look out for an e-mail about fruit contributions to help us make a colorful, healthy fruit salad. Thank you in advance!

Have a wonderful week!

Julie and Kaia