Lower School Faculty

B.A. Environmental Studies, UCSC
Kurt Almendras
5th Grade Teacher
831.423.0341 ext. 324
B.A. Early Childhood Education, Brandman University
Jonnie Cardinale
1st Grade Teacher
831.423.0341 ext. 336
B.A. Environmental Studies, Pitzer College
Gabrielle Carroll
1st Grade Assistant Teacher
831.423.0341 ext. 348
B.A. English Literature, Bryn Mawr College
Ed. M. in Mind, Brain and Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Kaia Huseby
3rd Grade Teacher
831.423.0341 ext. 323
B.A. Psychology, UC Santa Cruz
M.A. Education, UC Santa Cruz
Brianna Kinkopf
4th Grade Teacher
831.423.0341 ext. 316
B.A. Social Work, San Jose State
CA Credential Education Specialist, San Jose State
Kristen Morrelli
2nd Grade Assistant Teacher; Learning Specialist
831.423.0341 ext. 326
B.A. Liberal Studies, CSU Chico
Sari Mundon
5th Grade Teacher
831.423.0341 ext. 321
B.A.I.S. Elementary Education, University of South Carolina
Nichole Murphy
2nd Grade Teacher
831.423.0341 ext. 326
B.A. Human Development - Specialization in Early Childhood Education, Pacific Oaks College
Becky Murrow
Kindergarten Teacher
831.423.0341 ext. 354
B.A. Religous Studies & India Studies, Indiana University
M.A. Elementary Education, Indiana University
Rachel Sattinger
4th Grade Teacher; Elementary Student Life Coordinator
831.423.0341 ext. 325

Middle School Faculty

B.A. Biology, Minor Environmental Science, University of Virginia
M.A. Education, UCSC
Allison Birkhead
Middle School Math; Science Teacher; Middle School Coordinator
831.423.0341 ext. 330
B.A. Spanish, San Jose State University
B.A. French, San Jose State University, M.A. French, San Jose State University
Patricia Lucas
Middle School Spanish Teacher
831.423.0341 ext. 329
B.A. Biology, Brown University
M.A. Education, UC Santa Cruz
Michael Matthews
Middle School Math; Science Teacher
831.423.0341 ext. 313

Co-Curricular Specialists

B.A. International Labor and Immigration History, Fairhaven College
Brandt Frandle
Lower Elementary Physical Education Teacher; After School Care Supervisor
831.423.0341 ext. 334
B.A. Environmental Studies, UCSC
Kirsten Mehl
4th - 8th Grade Physical Education Teacher
831.423.0341 ext. 331
B.A. Psychology and Cultural Anthropology, UC Santa Barbara
Krissie Olson
Technology Integration Specialist
831.423.0341 ext. 320
B.A. Liberal Studies, Minor in Spanish, San Francisco State University
Ana Pena
Lower School Spanish Teacher; Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
831.423.0341 ext. 337
ECE Credential Horticulture, Cabrillo College
Environmental Studies Program and Life lab Intensive Training, UCSC
Caprice Potter
Life Lab Science Teacher
831.423.0341 ext. 309

Administrative Staff

B.A. English, Stanford University
Ed.D. Educational Leadership, Mills College
Zachary Roberts
Head of School
B.A. Feminist Studies, UCSC
M.A. Education, UCSC
Hannah Wikse
Assistant Head of School
831.423.0341 ext. 327
B.A. Liberal Studies, CSU Monterey Bay
M.A. Education, UC Santa Cruz
Kris Broek
Resource Support Coordinator
831.423.0341 ext. 315
B.F.A. Graphic Design, Massachussets College of Art
Petra Bryan
Marketing and Communications
831.423.0341 ext. 357
B.A. Mass Communications and Journalism, Fresno State University
Megan Eldredge
Director of Extended Programs
831.423.0341 ext. 334
B.S. Psychology, Emory University
Jen Graham
Director of Advancement
831.423.0341 ext. 332
B.A. Politics, UC Santa Cruz
M.F.A. Creative Writing, Vermont College
Cindy Jones
Admissions and Enrollment
831.423.0341 ext. 302
B.A. Psychology, UCSC
Jeremy King
Director of Information Technology; Facilities Manager
831.423.0341 ext. 305
B.S. Engineering, Humboldt State University
Shawn Padilla
Director of Finance and Operations
831.423.0341 ext. 359
B.A. African Studies, San Francisco State University
Zach Raney
Assistant Director of Extended Programs; Athletic Director
831.423.0341 ext. 334
B.A. English Literature, Essex University
Yvonne Reynolds
Business Office Coordinator
831.423.0341 ext. 303