Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire children to lead lives of purpose and compassion through scholarship and citizenship.To inspire children to lead lives of purpose and compassion through scholarship and citizenship.

Our Vision

A dynamic and intellectually challenging educational experience rooted in Progressive philosophy and reflective of evolving research.

Our Goal

For students to discover their individual and collective potential to make positive change in the world.

We believe that work and relationships should be personally meaningful to children; that children need the chance to learn how our choices impact others, and to develop their emotional intelligence; and that we should pursue empathy and altruism in our daily lives.

At Gateway, we provide vigorous academics tied to developmental expectations, in which students have the chance to apply knowledge to solve problems and create original work. Our students learn to work deeply within disciplines and skillfully across them, and they leave with a questioning spirit and deep love of learning.

Our students learn about citizenship on the personal, local, regional, national and global level while promoting respect, non-violence, participation and ethical behavior. We teach skills of communication, initiative, leadership, collaboration and responsibility.

Our Core Values

Integrity, responsibility, and discipline
Metacognition and self-reflection
Play, creativity, and innovation
Curiosity, exploration, and discovery
Critical thinking and reasoning
Clear and effective communication
Collaboration and community
Education for environmental sustainability
Courage to promote a just society