The Gateway experience is about more than academics. Our community of parents and educators creates a network around the students that supports their social, emotional, and academic growth. It is the strength of the community that supports personal and academic success. The education of Gateway children unfolds in an environment where the children feel known and valued. They are challenged and engaged by a strong academic program and vibrant school life. They find warmth and security in the partnerships between home and school, student and teacher.

Gateway parents enthusiastically work with the faculty and staff to create a wonderfully active and strong school community. Both parents and children make connections that last for years. Our shared vision of supporting our children with quality education, fun and plenty of love is a powerful unifying force that brings us together to learn and celebrate in many different ways throughout the school year.

Gateway’s mission to to raise socially responsible citizens is beautifully expressed in the culture of compassion at our school. Gateway nurtures high personal expectations and integrity, respect for others, an understanding of how diversity enriches us, and how our lives affect the world.

Gateway Families Association

Gateway parents are involved, active and inspired. From fundraising to field trips, the parent community makes a vital contribution to the life of the school.  Parents participate in many aspects of the school, depending upon their interest and skills.  Volunteer opportunities include: working in the classroom, being a room parent, serving on a committee (e.g. Food Policy, Environmental Advisory Panel), serving as a tour guide for open houses, assisting with Fall and Spring festival planning, making a presentation to students in the classroom, or driving on field trips.

All Gateway parents belong to the Gateway Families Association (GFA), which builds community through school-wide events and serves as a means of communication for parents with the administration and the Board of Trustees. The GFA is run by an planning committee, which meets monthly with the Head of School. If you have any questions for the GFA planning committee you can e-mail them at

School Traditions

Gateway School is rich with school-wide traditions and celebrations. From our monthly all-school assemblies to our annual all-school celebrations, Gateway families have the opportunity to join with students, faculty and staff in sharing our school culture and values.

First Friday  These monthly assemblies are held in front of the Peace Trees on the blacktop. Our entire community is invited to attend, and celebrate student learning and our strong values and culture.
Ofrenda  The first week in November, our entire community lovingly builds an ofrenda to memorialize loved ones who have passed away.
Grandfriends Day  The Tuesday before Thanksgiving Break, Grandparents and other “grand-friends” are invited to spend time in the classrooms. Classroom teachers and specialists design an activity for the students to share with their loved ones.
Ocean Day  The Thursday before Spring Break is a celebration of our school-wide science curriculum’s focus on the oceans.
One World Day  The second Friday in April, we celebrate the ties that bind our diverse community together, with ingredients for the One World Salad produced by the school’s Life Lab.
Spring Concert & Art Tour  Held in May, these two events showcase our arts program and the incredible creativity and learning of our student artists.
Step Up and Graduation  Each eighth grade student delivers a speech to the audience, a rite of passage that highlights the graduates’ individual self-expression, confidence and knowledge of their own learning profiles..