1. Parent Campus Tour

Call our Director of Admissions, Kate Hohn, at 423-0341 ext 302, to schedule a visit.  School Day Tours are scheduled monthly from October through March and we host one evening information session and two Saturday Open Houses.  Private Tours are scheduled for parents who are unable to attend a School Day Tour or Open House.  Book a Tour

2. Application

Complete the Application for Admission, Parent Questionnaire, and Outside Assessments/ Records Form and submit with your application fee. ($100.00) The application fee covers the cost of admissions assessment. Kindergarten Application or 1st-8th Application.

Applications for 2018-19:  We are accepting applications on a rolling basis for classes that still have spaces. Contact the Admissions Office for information about your child’s grade.

Applications for 2019-20:  We begin accepting applications on October 1, 2018. Application deadlines are as follows:

Kindergarten: February 17, 2019
1st – 8th Grade: February 28, 2019.

3. Teacher Recommendations

Please give the Student Evaluation form(s) to your child’s current teacher(s). Two Student Evaluations are required for 2nd through 8th grade applicants.  Please give one form to your child’s current teacher, and one to another teacher or administrator who knows your child well. Provide a stamped envelope addressed to: Gateway School Admissions, 126 Eucalyptus Avenue, Santa Cruz CA 95060. The report must be mailed directly to Gateway from your child’s school.

4. School Records

(for 1st through 8th grade applicants only)

Please provide copies of your child’s school progress reports for the past two years of school (one year if applying for 1st grade) and any standardized test results if available (ie., STAR, ERB etc.).  If you do not have copies, you may need to request them from the school directly, using the Records Release form.

5. Academic Assessment / Shadow Visit

Kindergarten Applicants
Summer Applicants: An individual kindergarten readiness assessment will be scheduled for your child.

2019-2020 Applicants: Submit your application and schedule your child for one of the following kindergarten readiness assessments at 9am or 1pm.*

  • February 9, 2019

*Priority Consideration in Kindergarten Admissions is given to siblings.  Our assessments focus on developmental signs of school readiness.

1st – 8th Grade Applicants
Call the Admissions Office to schedule your child for a shadow visit to his/her grade.  Applicants will spend their visit in a classroom observing and participating in the classroom activities.  All visitors will be assigned a “buddy” from the classroom to help them to navigate the day.

Admissions Assessment
1st-8th grade applicants will be assessed for reading, writing, spelling and math skills appropriate for their grade level.

  • 1st-3rd grade applicants – will be assessed during their Shadow Visit
  • 4th-8th grade applicants – will either be assessed during their Shadow Visit or be asked to attend a separate assessment time.

6. Evaluation & Notification

Applications will be evaluated by the Admissions Team and admissions decisions will be emailed to applicants.