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Alumnae Anicia Timberlake and Deirdre Foley-Mendelssohn

Alumnae Anicia and Deirdre started their lifelong friendship when they met in Kindergarten 32 years ago. They are still friends today and have been a part of each other's lives over the years.

Alumna Stephanie Miller

Stephanie never dreamed she would be a teacher when she was at Gateway School because she remembers struggling in all of her subjects.

Alumnus Doug Leonard

Doug Leonard returned to Gateway to perform for current students

Alumna Hannah Sullivan

Hannah Sullivan is a sociolinguist providing meaningful solutions to global communication gaps...

Alumnus Gus Samios

Former Gateway student, Gus Samios, living his lifelong dream of becoming an aerospace engineer...

Alumna Kristin Fauske wins Global Design Challenge

Watch the video of their project

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