Camp Gateway is a full-day summer camp geared for grades K-6. Our flexible sessions allow campers to sign up for individual weeks or the entire four-week program. Every week, campers choose from four Specialty Camps, ranging from Discovery Camps for littles to Ranch Builders, Puppet Shakers, Movie Makers and everything in between. All children in Santa Cruz are welcome — many campers don’t attend Gateway during the year!

We will be hosting weeks 3 & 4 (July 29 – August 9)  at 126 Eucalyptus Ave.

Our enthusiastic Camp Gateway staff are deeply committed to nurturing an atmosphere that encourages fun, creativity, and community while developing amazing new skills.

For more information, please contact Camp Director Megan Eldredge.

Camp Schedule

Week 3: July 29-August 2, 9am-4pm Register Now

Puppet Shakers & Movie Makers; 3rd & Up

Are you ready for a week filled with fleece, feathers, and fun?! Campers will start their mornings out dreaming up their own magical puppets and then bringing them to life! Each carefully crafted puppet will have a name, a story, and perhaps a special power to share – and where better to share it, then on tv! The afternoons will be spent improving with their puppets, scripting out scenes, filming and editing. At the end of the week bring some popcorn and get to know our puppets on the big screen!

Week 4: August 5-9, 9am-4pm Register Now

Discovery Camp – Under the Sea!

What is the most popular  tv show in the ocean?

Whale of Fortune!

Come join us for our last week of Camp! This week we will combine all grade groups into one universal week of maximum camp fun.  Discovery Camp is designed to integrate art, science, outside games, group projects, and imaginative play all in an encouraging and fun environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduling/Registration/2019 Updates

Does we have to attend Gateway School to be eligible for Camp Gateway?
Camp gateway is entirely open to the public during the summer. In general, the majority of campers in any week attend schools other than Gateway. The only exception to our open registration is for Kindy Camp, where we give priority enrollment to Gateway students before opening registration to the public.

What if we only need Camp on certain days of the week?
Unfortunately we do not offer partial week contracts.

What if my child only needs Camp in the mornings or the afternoons?
This summer we are offering full day week-long camp programming from 9:00am – 4:00pm.

What if my child needs to leave early on a few days, or to come after lunch for part of the week?
A: Appointments, lunch with Grandma, perhaps a good swell – we understand that summers can be busy! If your child needs to leave early from camp or will be dropped off later in the day, please email Camp Director Megan Eldredge prior to the beginning of day.

Can I just sign up for one week of Camp or do I need to sign up for all four weeks?
You can sign up for one week of camp, two weeks, or all four! But not three weeks…just kidding, you can absolutely sign up for three weeks of camp too.

What about Little Guards and Junior Guards?
Sadly, we will not be offering transportation to and from Cowells Beach this summer largely, in part to our new campus location.

Are all camps guaranteed to run?
Minimum and maximum attendance requirements exist for all camps. Camp Gateway reserves the right to cancel or change any scheduled activities due to lack of enrollment. If a camp gets cancelled due to low enrollment (less than five kids), all camp registrants will be notified in advance, and full refunds will be issued.

What time can I drop my camper off?
Camp begins at 9:00am and check-in opens at 8:45am. Camp ends at 4:00pm and all campers must be picked up by 4:15pm. Prior to the start of camp, an email will be sent out with information about check-in, drop off and pick up locations.

Payments /Cancellation Fees
Do you accept Credit Cards? Checks?
We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. If you are registering online, you must check out with a credit card. If you would like to make other payment arrangements contact Camp Director Megan Eldredge.

We changed our mind about something we signed up for. Do you offer refunds?
We understand that plans can change. If you registered online and are simply switching a week or adding a week, please contact Camp Director Megan Eldredge to make a change. Full refund requests must be made in writing. There is a cancellation fee of $50 for requests received after May 1st. Requests received after June 1st are subject to a cancellation fee of $100. Request received after July 1st are subject to a cancellation fee of $150.00. Refunds will not be available for cancellations within two weeks of the start date of your camp week.

**Refunds will not be given to students who have been asked to not participate due to disruptive behavior during camp. We aspire to impart good “kidizenship” in all of our campers. However, Camp Gateway reserves the right to ask any camper to not continue, if the camper is deemed to be compromising the safety and quality of experience of other campers.

Allergies/Medical Concerns
If my child has allergies, has a special medical condition or takes medication, how should I let Camp Gateway know?
Make sure you include any allergies (and procedures), medications and special medical conditions in the appropriate online registration fields. If the allergy or condition is of particularly serious concern, please contact Camp Director Megan Eldredge at least one week prior to your child’s first day, so we can go over procedures.
Do we need to bring a lunch? Do you provide snacks?
Please send your child to camp with a hefty lunch and a reusable water bottle. We have a morning snack time around 10:15, lunch time around noon, and another snack time around 2:15. We make sure to give our campers multiple breaks to re-energize with food and to stay hydrated.
What to Bring
What should we bring to Camp?
Please remember to send an appropriate amount of food with your child (snacks and a lunch). Please apply sunscreen in the morning. We will reapply as needed during the day. If you have a special sunscreen you’d like to bring, we can hold it for your camper in our office. Please bring a refillable water bottle.

I have a younger camper, should I bring a change of clothes?
We think it’s a great idea to bring a spare set of clothes! Remember to write your camper’s name inside clothing.

What should we leave at home?
Cell phones can be brought to camp, but must remain turned off and in backpacks. Please leave all video games, music players and other personal electronic devices at home. Of course we ask you to leave anything that could be considered dangerous at home as well.

Older Campers
My child is entering 7th or 8th grade and we would like them to attend Camp Gateway. What are our options?
Our day camp is designed for children entering grades Kindergarten through 6th grade. We do offer some specialty classes that will accommodate older campers. We also have a few spots open for older students who are interested in assisting in a C.I.L.T. (Camper In Leadership Training) role.