Class Update

Dear Families,

On Monday, the class and I checked in on their goals. Some children completed math fact check-ins, other children completed activity sheets, while some completed some online tasks. I will check in with the class regularly, and you should check in with your child at home. Final copies of Goals will be sent home by the end of this week.

To aid those with Spanish goals, Ana and I created a study set  with the help of Mateo. It can be found here, . We will continue to add to this over the year. Even if your child does not have a Spanish goal, the study sets are available for them to use.

We recently finished Unit 1 in math and are beginning Unit 2, which focuses on the addition and subtraction of large numbers and statistical landmarks. For more information about this unit, please follow this link,

A couple of weeks ago, you should have received invitations for Grandfriends Day. This day is a very special event in fourth grade. We host a spaghetti squash luncheon for the visiting grandfriends. If your child plans on bringing guests, please RSVP so we can plan appropriately. We will also need a few parent volunteers to help with set up, food service, and tear down between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. If you are able to donate a few hours please send an email to

In writing class, students completed paragraphs about the three elements that make for a successful costume. It was fascinating to see the results: a successful costume (in the opinion of fourth graders) includes everything from detail to humor, imagination to fancy head wear. Of course, the costume also has to look convincing… With Thanksgiving coming up, everyone is now planning and writing first drafts of the new paragraph topic: What are three things that you are grateful for and why are you grateful for each of these things? Fourth graders took the assignment seriously and wrote very thoughtfully about all that they appreciate in their lives.



Kaia and Kurt