January 27

Dear Families,

Greetings from third grade!  There are many wonderful things happening in in our classroom at this time of year.  I hope you’ve heard about some of our fun and interesting activities. This group of students has grown immensely as a community of learners.  It is a joy to watch your children become greater academic risk takers, who continue their compassionate ways towards themselves and others.

Here are some of the things we are doing as we venture into this New Year:

-Starting the report writing process through reading in the genre of biography.

-Poetry-We will soon be exploring the poetry of Pablo Neruda.  We will also practice the genre of Haiku.

-Math- We are studying measurement and fractions, including telling time.

-Crayfish and Wetlands-A crayfish will soon be visiting each third grade classroom. Drawing upon the students’ natural curiosity, we will learn to care for crayfish and their habitats.

-Local History-1860’s-What were the people like who lived here in Santa Cruz in the 1860’s?  What were some of their thoughts and values?  How did they educate their children?  What were their occupations?  How did their arrival in Santa Cruz impact the lives of those already living here?  We will think about these questions and more in the months ahead, as we get ready for our April 14th field trip to Evergreen Cemetery.

Parent-Teacher conferences are coming on March 13th and 16th.  I will soon send a sign up sheet.

Have a great week,