Letter 3/7/18


Wednesday, March 7th 2018


Dear 2nd grade community,


Greetings from our “new” classroom! Yesterday we brainstormed possible ways to switch up our floor plan and afterschool I had fun moving furniture. We’ll see how it works out for teaching and learning, but so far the students are enjoying the novelty of it!

We are loving our cursive handwriting lessons and practice times. There’s something so soothing and joyful about learning to form letters in such a beautiful way!

We’re immersed in our sand study and our marine mammal studies too. We’ve begun writing paragraphs for our marine  mammal reports, and will be devoting our writing workshop times to this for the next several weeks. In support of this study our reader’s workshop time is devoted to learning how to mine non-fiction books for facts and information. As I type this the room is a-buzz with students sharing facts and information that they are learning from the non-fiction books they are engaged in.

Mask painting is moving along- what careful observers we have in R2! They are noticing amazing details about their animals.

In math we’ve been adding tens and 100’s to 3 digit numbers, continuing to practice telling time, and making change too.

We’ve been practicing the problem-solving tool Blueprint together, and I really enjoy the empathetic perspective taking that the 2nd graders are starting to become more adept at taking.

If you’re interested in helping paint masks, or helping kids write a poem around the outside of the corn hole boards, we’ll be working on these project tomorrow (Thursday 3-8) from 9-10 and again from 10:30-11:50 in half groups. We’d love to have your help.

Sign up sheets are up for the following two trips:

  • March 21 to Seymour Center Discovery Lab 10:15-1:30 (please do pack a lunch- weather permitting we will eat there!)
  • Monday May 21st to Point Lobos ALL DAY! (3rd time’s the charm!?) Fingers crossed 🙂

Thanks for all you do for our school, our class, and your child.