Young children develop life-long attitudes about learning based on their earliest experiences in school.  Designed to nurture and direct every child’s innate curiosity and wonder, the elementary grades are filled with exploration.  The core subjects of language arts, science, social studies and math are complemented by Spanish, art, music, physical education and technology for an enriched, integrated and sequenced program specifically designed to meet the needs of our elementary students, from kindergarten through fifth grade.

Using inquiry-based methods, our faculty helps students generate and research questions that will guide their learning. Together, they participate in hands-on, project-based learning. These teaching practices facilitate in-depth understanding, mastery of concepts and exploration of ideas. Gateway students learn how to research, to reason, to solve problems and to communicate their ideas effectively.

Our teachers help our students to:

  • listen carefully and to speak articulately
  • read and to think with a critical mind
  • write fluently and creatively
  • understand and express quantitative ideas clearly and accurately
  • make and defend a logical argument
  •  present their work publicly with skill and confidence.

Our faculty takes time to understand the individual and developmental learning needs of our students and helps to guide each student at the appropriate level of challenge.