At Gateway School, the visual, musical and theater arts are integral to the curriculum, and children are taught by our experienced specialist faculty. A student’s self-awareness is enhanced through arts education — as are language acquisition, cognitive development, critical thinking ability, and social skills.

Visual Art

In Gateway’s visual arts program, students learn how to perceive the world through an artistic lens by studying works of art, objects in nature, events, and environment. They learn to appreciate art, and to identify the elements and principles of design. Art projects are planned with classroom teachers and extend the themes to include artistic components. The growing skill and creative expression of Gateway students adorn the walls of the school throughout the year and during the school-wide Art Tour in the spring.


Gateway’s music program is based upon the Orff-Schulwerk approach, an innovative approach to teaching and learning music based on the ways children naturally communicate. It weaves together speech and poetry, movement and dance, drama and song, and improvisation with playing musical instruments. Direct experience with sound and movement precedes theoretical study, and cooperative ensemble work is encouraged as students develop a passion for music.

Using their voices to speak, chant and sing, and their bodies to move and dance, the children learn through involving and engaging their whole body. Using small percussion and melody instruments like xylophones and metallophones, the children move joyfully from musical imitation to improvisation and literacy.

Theater Art

Gateway’s dramatic arts provides our students with the opportunity to develop and practice communication, artistic expression, and team-building skills through developmentally appropriate classroom productions. Students develop confidence and creativity while practicing freedom of expression. The delight of acting as someone else in a safe environment helps students broaden their perspective and become open to new possibilities.