Physical Education

Gateway’s physical education program strives to nurture students’ love and appreciation for movement, to promote a lifelong passion for physical activity and to reinforce the many life lessons learned on the field and black top. Emphasis is placed on doing one’s personal best, inclusiveness of all students and fair play. Students are taught about sportsmanship and how to play cooperatively, to prepare them for competitive play.

Starting in Kindergarten, children begin taking regular P.E. classes taught by one of our physical education specialists, which feature many creative games, as well as traditional sports. Over the years, students will participate in a wide range of individual and group activities designed to strengthen motor skills, manipulative skills and movement concepts. Students also participate in physical fitness activities to develop increased muscular strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health, and begin learning the basics of a variety of team sports.


Gateway encourages all students to participate in our robust interscholastic athletics program that fields eleven teams throughout the school year. In grades 5-8 students have the chance to become a member of a competitive team. The majority of our students participate in at least one competitive sports teams.  Gateway strives to accommodate all interested students, and there are never cuts.  As representatives of the school, student-athletes must meet academic and behavior expectations to participate.

Our teams meet three to four (3-4) times per week for practices and games.  Game schedules are posted on the school calendar.  Gateway participates in the Santa Cruz County Private Schools Association (SCCPSA) which consists of fourteen private schools stretching from Santa Cruz to Watsonville.  

Flag-Football (Q1: Sept/Oct) (5/6 & 7/8)
Cross-Country (Q1: Sept/Oct) (6th-8th)
Girls Basketball (Q1: Sept/Oct) (5/6 & 7/8)
Boys Basketball (Q2: Nov/Dec/Jan) (5/6 & 7/8)
Girls Volleyball (Q3: Feb/Mar)(5/6 & 7/8)
Boys Volleyball (Q4: Apr/May/June) (5/6 & 7/8)