The Discovery Center

The Discovery Center serves as our maker’s space and cutting-edge technology lab with the aim of promoting creativity, exploration, collaborative learning and innovation using traditional and 21st century tools.  The center integrates multiple disciplines with a focus on science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM). Our students plan, design and create authentic solutions to problems.  They are given opportunities to become designers and inventors, and use problem solving and critical thinking.  From programing robots, building simple machines and structures, to creating and editing video and manipulating photographs, to learning to code, to exploring circuitry and repairing electronics – our students gain the skills and knowledge to make them the innovators of their generation.  Some projects are designed to support areas of study within the classroom.

In the Classroom

Technology instruction is integrated into the classroom learning.  Technology is considered another tool to support student lessons, rather than an end in itself.  Students learn essential technology tools of the trade such as word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet software. Students also use digital tools to augment classroom projects, perform research and explore new concepts and ideas via computer stations, iPads, multi-media equipment and open-source software.  Our faculty work in conjunction with the Technology specialist to ensure technology is integrated effectively and that our students become responsible digital citizens.