May 13th Newsletter

Dear Families,

This is another big week in third grade! The local business report is due this Friday. Each night this week, your child should spend about 30 minutes handwriting the neat final copy, including any spelling/capitalization/punctuation corrections parent editors made to the first draft. The report also needs a cover page, a resource page, and a report cover. We have been discussing this in class, so it won’t be new information for your child. Thank you for supporting your child through this long-term home project and let me know if you have any questions in this final week.

In class, everyone is working hard to complete biography reports. I am so impressed by the focus and determination of our class! We are also finishing up our multiplication/division unit in math and about to start a geometry unit. We have been reading Scholastic News aloud in groups of 3-4 children and the class loves doing this! The children feel an increased sense of independence, as they manage their own groups and I circulate and listen in on how they are doing. They are so supportive of each other, being patient with others and helping out with tricky words that come up along the way. After each group reading time, the class rates their experience as a reader and as a listener and we have seen amazing improvement!

This Thursday, May 16th, we will be participating in the Walkathon. The pledge forms were sent home on Friday. If you haven’t seen your child’s form, it should be in his/her backpack. We’ll be walking on the field, along with the rest of the school, from 1:15 – 2:15 pm on Thursday.

Last week’s visit to the new campus brought up a lot of emotions for the children — great excitement, of course, but also sadness about leaving our current campus. When we returned from the visit, we had a big class discussion about feelings at this time of year. Third graders had many questions for me about what fourth grade is like, etc. This is a big time of transition and it is completely normal for children to feel a lot more emotional and sensitive than usual. We will keep talking about this and will take time to name some of the emotions we are experiencing. We will also start creating a third grade memory quilt (made of paper), which helps us to process and celebrate all that we have done together this year.

Have a great week!