Field Trips and Overnights

Classroom learning is augmented and made relevant with day and overnight field trips that provide opportunities to deepen learning and build a strong connection between the students and faculty.  The list of regular trips include:

  • 6th grade – Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, San Francisco Asian Art Museum, Elkhorn Slough kayaking, Outdoor Science School (overnight)
  • 7th grade – Año Nuevo State Park, California Academy of Sciences, Yosemite (overnight)
  • 8th grade – Steinbeck Center, Public Library, Defense Language Institute and Washington, DC and Colonial Williamsburg

Student Council and Leadership

Starting in middle school, the students hold elections to fill student council leadership positions. The elected student officers learn organization and communication skills while having an impact on their school experience. Student leaders prepare agendas, run meetings, give presentations at assemblies and provide valuable student input to the Head of School. They plan and implement spirit days and student contests, as well as larger events such as the talent show and middle school dances. The confidence and independence gained through student council experience help middle school students gain authentic leadership experience for their transition to high school.

Every day is rich with leadership and mentoring opportunities in Gateway Middle School.  As the oldest on campus, our middle school students are the natural leaders and looked up to by the younger children.  Each middle school student has the opportunity to be a leader through community service on and off campus, coaching the younger sports teams, Buddy Class projects, and club leadership.