Gateway’s middle school science program prepares students for entry into high school science classes and engages them with an innovative hands-on curriculum. Students receive a solid foundation in the scientific disciplines of earth science, chemistry, physics and biology. Each unit includes investigation, discussion, activities, writing, and connections to the real world.

Gateway middle school students design experiments, conduct research, and report findings at our school Science Fair and annual Family Science Night. Gateway students enter their work and perform well at regional Science Fair competitions.

Earth Science

In this course, 6th graders begin to look at the ways in which our earth is a working machine.  Students explore the interior of the earth, minerals and rocks, earthquakes, the force of water, ocean resources and other natural resources. Students are guided through the science fair project process in this class, and are required to complete a project as part of this course. A Family Life unit is included as well and parents are notified in the spring before the class begins this unit.

Course units include: Earth’s Interior; Changing of the Earth’s Surface; How the Ocean Works; Natural Resources; Ecology Overview and Family Life.

Life Science

In this course, 7th graders learn about living things from the simple prokaryotic cell to the complex human body, and many plants and animals in between.  Our studies in this field allow for many hands-on activities, labs, dissections, and field trip adventures to illustrate and explore the many facets of life science.

Course units include: Cells; DNA, Mitosis, and Meiosis; Reproduction; Genetics; Evolution; Taxonomy and Phylogeny; Animal Body Systems; Plants; and Family Life.

Physical Science

8th graders begin to unlock the secrets of our universe through the unifying principles of physics. Our studies in this field allow for many hands-on activities, labs, and adventures to illustrate and explore concepts in chemistry, physics, astronomy and cosmology.

Course units include: Structure of Matter; Reactions; The Chemistry of Ocean Water; The Chemistry of Nutrition; Motion; Forces; Buoyancy and Flight; Astronomy and Family Life.