Monday letter 11/20/17

Monday, November 20th, 2017

Dear all,


Happy Thanksgiving week! I hope your plans include lots of love, good food, and relaxation.


This during this short week we’re wrapping up our 2nd unit in math. We’re continuing our work on our realistic fiction stories- practicing using *sparkle* words to make our writing more magical. We’ll be getting ready for grandfriends day on Tuesday by thinking about gratitude. We’re also putting our first layer of paper mache on our foam heads to get ready for mask making after the break. We’ll be doing our first layer of paper mache Tuesday afternoon, as well as finishing up our celebratory viewing of Charlotte’s Web, so I’m very hopeful that your 2nd grader will stay for the end of the day!


Homework over the break is for each 2nd grader to think about and choose a California native animal – a totem animal- that they will make into their very own mask. Homework is simply to write the animal and the reason why they chose it. We will need 2 photos printed out (or emailed to me) of each animal. A front view and a side view.  We’ve talked a lot in class about how to choose a totem animal. The animal might have qualities that we have, or qualities that we aspire to have.


In the email that announced this letter I attached a printable 7 day gratitude challenge. I plan on doing this challenge with my family, and wanted to share this with you. It’s not homework, but perhaps some of you will enjoy this together over the break.


On Tuesday I’m sending a Scholastic Book order form and information about how to order online home. I’ll be placing the order on Tuesday or Wednesday after the break- this should give plenty of time for orders to arrive before Christmas. I also support Bookshop Santa Cruz, and try to do much of my shopping locally- but Scholastic Book orders have great memories for many of us from our childhoods. The company is also very generous with points to really help to build up classroom libraries. It’s such fun to unpack the classroom order and put out both classic contemporary books that inspire and engage 2nd grade readers! Your order helps us earn points to use to buy books for the classroom. There is no pressure to order, but we appreciate it if you do!


Our Annual 2nd Harvest Food Drive is underway! This is led by 6th grade and recently 6th graders Ryan and Jasper came to give us a presentation about this. The drive goes till 12/20 and cans, cash, or checks are welcome. I’ve challenged the children to ask to do something extra at home to earn money to donate. I’ve placed a bin outside on our cubbies to collect cans. Please bring $ donations to me to keep safe. Thank you!


Thanks for all you do! Have a beautiful break!