November 2, 2017

Dear Families,

What a fun week we’ve had. I hope you are beginning to recover from the excitement of Halloween. If you have any rotting pumpkins that you’d like to bring in, we’d love to study them! We’ve been wondering about seeds, decomposition, the ways in which size of pumpkin correlates to how fast they fall, how big their seeds are, and what makes them grow in different sizes and shapes. On Halloween day, we watched the first grade teachers run an experiment- they dropped pumpkins (of different size) out the upstairs windows, and we watched them fall! It has since raised a lot of questions.

As we begin to really get deep into the school year, Sarah and I continue to strive for a balance between emergent curriculum, kindergarten standards, foundational academic skills, and social practice. We are excited for these next few months of school, as we really begin to learn more about our families, our traditions, strengthening the community around us.

This past Monday, we were lucky enough to learn from Lorena (Mateo’s mom) all about Dia de los Muertos, a holiday that she grew up celebrating. The kindergartners and I learned about the holiday, and how it is specifically important and relevant to Mateo’s family. If you haven’t seen the Ofrenda that is upstairs, go check it out! We have many families and faculty members at Gateway who observe Dia de los Muertos, and the Ofrenda is a way of remembering friends and family members who have passed.

Next week, I kick off our VIP practice, and I’ll teach the students what we do daily by teaching about me! Be sure to check out the VIP schedule (either the one I sent home, or the one posted in the room) so that you can be ready for your VIP week. It is such a fun week, and it’s a good week to be prepared for.

All this said, I’d love to welcome families into our classroom over November and December for “mini lessons”. We want to learn from YOU! Say, you know sign language, or you speak a language other than English, or you have some bandwidth to do a favorite art project, cook a favorite food dish in small groups, read a favorite book… the list goes on, PLEASE let me know! I will reach out to some of you (who I already know some about), but please let me know. The “talent” is never too small. The students love to have you in the classroom, love learning about one another, and it helps make everyone feel like they belong. Thank you for considering!!

In order to maintain our daily routines, we’d be looking for these “mini lessons” to happen either Tuesday or Wednesday anytime between 11:25 and 12:35 or 1:20-2:20. These “lessons” can be anywhere from 15minutes to 1 hour long depending on the activity. I can help figure out a “lesson plan” too!


  • Sight Words: the, are, to
  • Mood Meter & Charter- FINISHED! We are using it daily. Check it out on our wall by our names.
  • Specials: Music, PE, Life Lab, and Art
  • Writing Workshop: Narrative Writing, Storytelling
  • Letter, Picture, & Word Sorts
  • Numbers 1-10
  • Ten Frames, Top It,
  • Handwriting: R, N, M
  • Butterfly investigation


ANNUAL GIVING CONTINUES! Please consider contributing to our school’s fundraising efforts.

November 3rd          First Friday postponed- Rescheduled for the 10th (due to chance of rain).

November 4th         GATEWAY KINDERGARTEN OPEN HOUSE- FOR all perspective families! Please                                         advertise this to friends who might be interested! It runs from 10am-12pm and it                                           is drop in style. Potential families will have a chance to come and chat, see the                                               classrooms, meet the teachers and hear the 5th graders play some music!

November 10th       First Friday 8:45am

                                     Field Trip to Natural Bridges (leave at 9:40am) Please let me know ASAP if you want to attend.                                           I can only take 6 adults max (due to field trip guidelines).

November 17th       Half day In-service- Noon Dismissal (child care provided, sign ups in office)

November 21st      Grand Friends Day: Please turn in your RSVP as soon as possible. This is a special day for                                             grown ups who aren’t usually in the classroom, and we respectfully ask that it is a NO parent day.                                       Please note that if your child does not have a grandfriend in attendance,  they will be partnered                                           with another student and their grown up(s).

November 22nd24th Thanksgiving Break

Heads up:

December 14th 9am Field trip to the Museum of Natural History.

December 20th Starlight Sing 5:30-7pm at Gateway

December 22nd– January 5th NO SCHOOL

January 8th Return to school

January 12th In-service NO SCHOOL


As always, please let me know if you have any questions!! See you soon!