November 27 Family Letter

November 27, 2017

Dear Families,

I am so proud of your children for hosting grand friends last Tuesday. The students were so respectful and kind with their elders. I am very proud of their Spanish performance, as it was focused and sweet. After the performance, small groups of students and grand friends decorated gratitude rocks together, played math games and read poetry. I enjoyed meeting all of the friends.

Writer’s Workshop time has been very productive. We are working on realistic fiction series, adding sparkle words, and dialogue and are about to have a revision party! Please send in any empty cereal boxes, as we will use these to store our series in. Thanks.

Today I assessed the children on Unit 2 and we will begin Unit 3 in math on Wednesday. Please refer to the parent letter by clicking on this link.

This week we will start forming our animal head shapes for our masks. Each child will work with an adult as they decide on materials and strategies to secure them to our already paper-mached human form. Since this process will be concentrated and lengthy, we hope that each child will form their animal head sometime in the next few weeks. Thanks to Val for helping each child! Also, please email me if you would like to come in and help children do this tricky step. Times are random during the day!

Our voyage of reading boats is making its way around our classroom! This is so exciting and lets me know that reading is happening at home. We will have a celebration, with sorting and estimating when the voyage is complete.

Please remember to bring in cans of food or cash for the Harvest Food Drive.

I will be out of town this Friday and the following Monday on a family trip that has been planned for some time. Wendy will be guest teaching for me and Val will also be here to help.

Enjoy your week.