2nd-It’s all Fun & Games For Disco Week

Second graders kicked off their Discovery Center week with an engineering lego challenge to build a bridge that crossed a foot wide gap and that could hold a heavy wide load. Below are some pictures and a “FOUND POEM” from the activity:

Lego Bridges Falling Down
“This is our first attempt”
“I made a spiral”
“We have to make it a little longer”
“This is a drawbridge”
“Wait wait wait wait”
“We can test it “
“Now we have to make it reinforced”
“A boat can go under it”
“Would this be helpful”
“We’re not going to be done”
“It just broke”
“I just realized I have to make another base”
“Krissie, I think we ‘re ready to test it”
“I know I know I know”
“I got one”
“That’s really good”
“Yep that’s it”

After our building challenge, we moved on to the more serious business of game making using the coding program ScratchJr, a block-based programming tool that challenged the students to create interactive buttons and sprites, levels and repeating functions. We practiced together for the first part of the class and then the students were free to explore game mechanics once they understood the basic concepts and sequences. The week culminated with a game exchange where the students were able to play each other’s games and see the code behind their creations. Below you’ll find videos of students explaining how they made their games, playing each other’s games and then sharing what they liked about their friends’ games.

Mateo explains how coding the “runner” works.
Ihan explains how difficult the game play can get but says he’ll “try until he can get it! That’s the spirit Ihan.
Arlo takes us on a tour of his game and explains the trickier parts of game creation.
Partners rotated around the room to play other students’ games at the 9 different iPad stations.
Olivia makes an astute observation.
Nicolas shares what he likes about Ella’s game.