Since 2011 Gateway School has been collaborating with other schools and institutions in Santa Cruz and Monterey County to co-host a Speaker Series on Education, including Bookshop Santa Cruz, Cabrillo College, Camp Kennolyn, Mount Madonna School, New Brighton Middle School, and York School. Bringing thought leaders in neuroscience, psychology and education to speak to our faculty, parents and the larger Santa Cruz community, is another way we pursue our mission and promote the local conversation about child development, parenting and society.

2019 – Sheri Glucoft-Wong

Positive Social Relationships in Children: The Roles and Responsibilities of Parents and Families

Sheri Glucoft-Wong, LCSW spoke to a packed house on October 10, 2019. Sheri drew on her expertise working with schools and families for the last 30 years to guide adults on the role of friendship in children’s lives, how to support the development of children’s resilience, the influence parents have on children’s self-image and social roles, when parents should talk to each other or leave something to kids to work out, and how to respond when your child reaches a new developmental stage. Check out her spell-binding presentation on our Youtube page!

2018 – Mark R. Rosekind, Ph.D.

The Power of Sleep: Enhancing Performance, Safety and Health

Mark R. Rosekind, Ph.D., is a passionate safety professional with more than 30 years of experience promoting innovation through science and leadership in complex environments. As the Chief Safety Innovation Officer at Zoox, Dr. Rosekind leads the effort to safely develop, test, and deploy autonomous vehicles. Prior to Zoox, Dr. Rosekind was appointed by President Obama to be the 15th Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) where he led significant transformation, instilling a proactive safety culture while driving both the Agency and automobile industry to be future-oriented.

2017 – Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang

MARY HELEN IMMORDINO-YANG is a social-affective neuroscientist and human development psychologist who studies social emotion and self-awareness across cultures, connections to cognition, resilience and morality, and implications for education. She is Associate Professor of Education, Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Southern California. Based on her latest book, Emotions, Learning and the Brain, she usded over a decade of work to help audience members deepen their understanding of the complex connection between emotion and learning.

2016 – Dr. Denise Pope

Senior Lecturer, Stanford University Graduate School of Education and Co-founder of Challenge Success, Denise Pope, Ph.D. spoke on February 9, 2016 about her latest book, Overloaded and Underprepared: Strategies for Stronger Schools, and Healthy Successful Kids. Her book Doing School: How We are Creating a Generation of Stressed Out, Materialistic, and Miseducated Students was awarded Notable Book in Education by the American School Board Journal. Dr. Pope is a three-time recipient of the Stanford University Graduate School of Education Outstanding Teacher and Mentor Award. She has been featured on CNN, World News Tonight, the Today Show, NPR, among other television and radio programs.

2015 – Dr. Wendy Mogel

Internationally acclaimed psychologist, author and public speaker, Dr. Wendy Mogel spoke to a sold out crowd on Thursday, February 19, 2015 at the Crocker Theater at Cabrillo College in Aptos. Author of the classic parenting book, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee, Dr. Mogel’s revelatory second release, The Blessing of a B Minus, addresses the challenge of parenting adolescents in a culture of anxiety and entitlement. A graduate of Middlebury College, Dr. Mogel currently serves as a research and policy advisor for Challenge Success—a program of the Stanford University School of Education.

2014 – Dr. Robert Sapolsky

Internationally acclaimed neuroscientist and author Dr. Robert Sapolsky from Stanford University spoke to a sold out crowd on Thursday, March 6, 2014 at the Crocker Theater at Cabrillo College.  As one of the leading neuroscientists in the world, Dr. Robert Sapolsky spoke about “The Biology of Memory.” It was a pleasure to collaborate with Cabrillo College, Mount Madonna School and York School to bring Dr. Sapolsky to the Monterey Bay Area.

2013 – Dr. Yong Zhao

In February 2013, we brought Dr. Yong Zhao to Santa Cruz. Dr. Zhao is currently a full professor and the Presidential Chair and Associate Dean for Global Education, College of Education at the University of Oregon.  Dr. Zhao presented his book “Global, Creative, and Entrepreneurial: Defining High Quality Education” where he proposes that the current measures of education quality through standardized testing are misleading and that the so-called high performing education systems do not actually produce the kind of creative and entrepreneurial talents we need.

2012 – Dr. Dan Siegel

In February 2012, Gateway School, along with several non-profit community partners, hosted Dr. Daniel Siegel in Santa Cruz. Dr. Siegel is an internationally acclaimed author, award-winning educator, and child psychiatrist. He is the author of Parenting From the Inside Out,Mindsight, and The Mindful Brain, and his most recent book The Whole-Brain Child. Dr. Siegel’s work has helped parents build strong and enduring relationships with their children and has made a lasting impact on the educational community.

In February 2012, Gateway School, along with Park Day School, A Sustainable Way, and the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education was a co-sponsor of a Mindful Schools benefit presentation by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn.  Dr. Kabat-Zinn  is an internationally known scientist, author, and pioneer of the use of mindfulness meditation in the field of medicine and health care.  Over 30 years ago, he founded Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) at the U Mass Center for Mindfulness and has been involved over decades in research on mindfulness.

2011 – Dr. John Medina

In March 2011, Gateway School engaged in a ground-breaking collaboration with the Santa Cruz County Office of Education and Cabrillo College to bring New York Times best-selling author Dr. John Medina, an acclaimed neurobiologist and author of Brain Rules, to discuss the latest research on the brain and ways to improve student learning. Dr. Medina’s presentation was provided free to the public and 500 people saw him speak at Cabrillo.