Alumna Hannah Sullivan

Photo of Gateway School Alumna

Gateway School’s distinguished alumna, Hannah Sullivan, is a sociolinguist who is working to implement solutions to global communication gaps. Hannah is a Senior Research Fellow at Georgetown University’s Bridge Initiative, a multi-year research program on Islamophobia, where her research centers on analyzing and tracking patterns of hateful speech in online discourse and strategizing actionable solutions for countering them. Through her work at the Bridge Initiative, Hannah also engages in education and outreach on Islamophobia, including an upcoming talk at The Catholic University of America entitled “Challenging Islamophobia: Deconstructing the Everyday Language of anti-Muslim Racism.”

Hannah has three years of work and study experience in the Middle East. Prior to completing her graduate degree in Linguistics at Georgetown University in 2017, Hannah lived and worked in Amman, Jordan, where she first served as a David L. Boren Fellow concentrating on intensive Arabic studies and later as a project manager on Women, Peace, and Security at the Jordanian National Commission for Women, a semi-governmental organization dedicated to securing gender equality.

Hannah’s travels, dedication, and accomplishments exemplify her success in her career early in life. We are so proud to see our alumna Hannah’s professional and personal missions provide such positive and meaningful contributions.