Alumnus Gus Samios

Gateway School alumni student

Former Gateway student, Gus Samios, is now an aerospace engineer at Edwards Air Force Base for the 412th Test Wing. Gus received his BS in Aerospace Engineering from Cal Poly in 2015, and is currently working as a flight test engineer at Edwards Air Force Base, while also pursuing a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering at UCLA. Since being at Gateway, Gus has always dreamed about designing and working “hands on” with aircraft, and exclaims that, “Edwards couldn’t be a more fun and rewarding place to do it.” Since starting in July 2015, he has been able to support nearly 100 flight test missions and has lead just over 40 of them. He spends his days in the world’s most advanced fighter cockpits for ground tests and mission prep, engineering and analyzing system efficiency and safety, and interfacing with world class pilots. His goal is to push aircraft to their limits. Most importantly, this is what Gus has always wanted to do, and relishes the fact that, “Gateway set the foundation for me to get here.”

The 412th Test Wing conducts, analyzes, and reports on all flight and ground testing of aircraft, weapons systems, software and simulation for the U.S. Air Force. There are three core components for this mission: flying operations, maintenance and engineering.  The U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School, also part of the test wing, is where the Air Force’s top pilots, navigators and engineers learn how to conduct flight tests and generate the data needed to carry out test missions. The comprehensive curriculum of Test Pilot School is fundamental to the success of flight test and evaluation.

Congratulations Gus on pursuing your dreams!