Augmenting Math Class with Technology


Once students become familiar with plotting points and graphing lines they can use their skills to notice patterns. However, plotting everything by hand can be a D-R-A-G on precious class time. At times we’ve used an online graphing calculator from Desmos to increase efficiency. These are some screenshots from our work:

Comparing diameters and circumferences of circles
Evaluating the expression y = -5x + 12 for a variety of values

Visualizing Geometry

Geogebra is a platform that has a number of applets for kids to explore. Students are developing a deeper conceptual understanding using the visuals these applets provide. Try exploring the connection between 3 dimensions and 2 dimensions using these applets:

Slicing Solids:
Area of a circle through dissection: 
Area of a circle through unfolding:

Desmos Adds Suspense and Challenge

Desmos designs and curates a number of classroom activities that build suspense and add challenge. Marbleslides provides practice with equations in the y=mx+b format. Click on the student preview tabs to give the activity a try and see what you can recall about graphing lines.

Landing the Plane :
Solving a System of Linear Equations: