California Invention Convention Winners!

A total of 150 students from around the state of California, many from Santa Cruz County, entered their inventions in the California Invention Convention last month. Inventions solved problems that ranged from those in the backyard to those that are global. Three Gateway School inventions and their inventors were among those selected to virtually attend the 2020 National Invention Convention.

This is the first year Gateway students participated in the California Invention Convention. 5th-grade teacher, Kurt Almendras is passionate about the idea of creating and inventing. Design challenges are also part of the co-curricular classes in Gateway’s Discovery Center. Students are challenged to solve problems using hands-on projects using the invention process of Identifying, Understanding, Ideating, Designing, Testing, Building, and adjusting their designs.

The process

5th graders completed three design challenges that lead up to the Invention Convention project.

Using foam disks, cardboard, straws, coffee stirrers, and tape, students had to design an apparatus that traveled approximately 2 meters.
Using 20 pieces of spaghetti and tape, students had to create a structure that could support a marshmallow at the top of the structure.
Students had to take an empty toilet paper roll and turn it into something else. Students then presented their projects to their Kindergarten buddies.

Three Gateway School inventions and their inventors were among those selected to move on to Nationals.

Congratulations to Kate (Windmill on Wheels), Nate and Milo (Produce Protector), and Piper (Solo Soccer Touch Trainer). Good luck at Nationals!

Kate (Windmill on Wheels)
Nate and Milo (Produce Protector)
Piper (Solo Soccer Touch Trainer)