clases de espanol

Queridos padres:

I am so pleased to report about your hard working students in Middle School Spanish classes. Students are demonstrating their learning and growth on a daily basis both formally and informally. Some specifics are noted below.

Sixth grade students are enjoying creating their “Proyectos de Geografia” so much that it is hard to get them to stop working and move along to their next class. This fun, investigative experience stretches their Spanish knowledge, vocabulary and, as the topics are of their choice, their overall awareness of how nearly every topic possible connects geographically in one way or another. For example, one student is studying “Perros del Mundo” (Dogs of the World) and while she is learning some statistics about man’s (and woman’s) best friends, she is also gaining understanding of the geographic origins of various breeds, why they evolved as they did to adapt to their part of the world and, often, the work and jobs that they provided man (and woman). The students will share these projects in pairs taking notes on new and specialized vocabulary, asking questions and giving feedback…..todo en espanol!

Seventh graders have concluded their challenging study of Spanish “Shoe Verbs” with a final and rather lengthy assessment. They have now moved on to TPRS Saladtown Story #10 with an exciting denouement (shhh…..a baby tomato is born…..shhh….actually baby TWIN tomates are born—-but there is trouble….they are green…not quite ready for the world until they ripen into a rich red…..alas, all is well!!). Students will next be individually reading the Epilogue to Story #10 that includes a formal comprehension assessment and re-telling. The class is venturing into higher levels of whole language acquisition which pushes their understanding of comprehensible input offered in these fun stories of “Saladtown”. More often the stories will be at the second year high school level going forward.

Eighth graders are readying to share their fashion projects with each other. There will be fashion music videos, magazines, fashionable pets on the runway and all with commentary completely in Spanish. Details of various articles of clothing, accessories and jewelry will be fully described in terms of fabric, color, design, pattern, trim, season, size and, of course, editorial opinions of each. This playful unit enriches vocabulary far beyond the realm of fashion and supports students’ readiness for upcoming high school placement tests.

Planning is under way for the 8th grade Washington DC trip which this “maestra” is honored to lead. Also in May our 8th graders will attend the Defense Language Institute of Monterey’s “Language Day 2020”. This is a fabulous day of international language, culture, inclusion and diversity. It is always enjoyed by Gateway students and their parent drivers. Please contact Patty if you would like to join us for this exciting field trip on May 8, 8:00-3:00.

My very best to you always,

Maestra Patty