Compassionate Citizenship at Gateway

Zachary RobertsDear Gateway families,

Our community was stirring this morning.  Last night our nation chose a new president and other officials in the most divisive election in memory. Yet the peaceful transition of power between administrations has already begun and will see us into the new year. Our democracy is strong and will survive our divisions.

Our job as a school is to build a community of compassion and citizenship, and so throughout our school, today our faculty chose to strengthen classroom communities. We took time for activities in which students built relationships and understanding with each other. In some classes, teachers and students discussed what respect means, breaking it down to what it is, who gets, and why to give it, while emphasizing that using a critical lens and holding our elected officials accountable is not the same as being disrespectful or uncivil. Others used the opportunity to talk about losing with grace, and gave children the space to share personal experiences when they have tried really hard for something, and then haven’t gotten it — because in life, we all have times when we lose and must confront failure, and it’s how we recover that matters.

Our school mission to raise children to be compassionate scholars and citizens has never been more important. Our children will follow and pattern after the way we speak about the election and the way we manage ourselves.  We have a powerful opportunity to teach wisdom, grace and respect in the days to come. Our values of integrity, critical thinking, communication, compassion and the courage to promote a just society will continue to lead us. Our children will be strengthened as smart, decent, loving and responsible people, and they will see that in the face of challenge, the right response is to roll up our sleeves, see each other with empathy, and carry ourselves with kindness and integrity.



Dr. Zachary Roberts
Head of School