for your interest in Gateway School! You should be hearing from an admissions representative soon.

In the meantime, here are 10 Reasons to choose Gateway School…

80% of Gateway graduates attend selective colleges & universities
100% of faculty participate in professional development annually
We are 400 steps from the ocean (and we use it frequently for our learning)
We have 1 Maker’s Space -including a 3-D printer, a laser cutter and a 1:1 iPad program in middle school
Our students go on 53 field trips per school year (K-8th grades)
100% of K-5th students participate in Art, Music, Life Lab Science, Spanish & Maker’s Space (Technology).
Our middle school students engage in a total of 65 hours of community service each year
Our average class size is 15
We spend 282 minutes per week on mindfulness across the grades
We have an amazing 1/4 acre Life Lab!