December 9th Newsletter

Dear Families,

Dustin McKenzie, an archaeologist from Cabrillo College, visited us this morning. He confirmed that what we think is a mortar is definitely a Native American mortar and he shared much more information about local history going back 13,000 years. Did you know that woolly mammoths and giant tree sloths lived in this area? The mortar sitting in our classroom may be 1,000 – 5,000 years old! Dustin was a very entertaining speaker and everyone enjoyed seeing ancient spears and animal bones. Thank you again to the Ellis family for letting us use this mortar, which they found in their backyard, as a fabulous learning tool. 

This is a regular spelling week and the lists went home today. The class is buzzing with holiday energy, so we are trying to do some calming activities and our daily mindfulness practice is very helpful. The class was incredibly focused with our math activity today. We also continue to take plenty of running/exercise breaks to release some energy!