December Newsletter,2019

Dear Families,

A big, on-going topic of conversation, we have in Kindergarten, is about how we all are at different levels in our learning and all come into Kindergarten with different experiences. Each of us has areas that we are strong in and others that we are still growing in. We can either have a Fixed Mindset (we know what we know and that’s it) or a Growth Mindset (we don’t know YET!). Growth Mindset is what we are striving for in all of the areas of our learning, academically and in our relationships with one another. It is a beautiful thing to hear your kindergarteners talk about their differences, strengths, and areas of growth. What’s mine you may ask? Well, keeping you updated on the happenings in Kindergarten via our newsletter.  Whew, it is not my strongest skill, YET!;-) Growing, stretching, learning, at 5 or 6 years of age or 45! 

If you haven’t heard yet, Kindergarten is the place to be! From learning about ourselves and our families to the life cycles of sunflowers and monarch butterflies, we’ve been busy. Now as the days begin to get shorter, we will be investigating the stary night sky and learn about nocturnal animals. We will be having some special “guests” visiting our classroom and will be doing lots of sketching, reading, and writing about our nocturnal animal friends. We are fully engaged and REALLY excited about what we are learning.

Your children have been working hard during Writers Workshop and we had our first writing celebration before Thanksgiving break, where they were super brave (and patient) and shared their stories with each other. At the end of sharing, I gave a toast and we cheered each other with a glass of apple juice. It was really sweet:-) Our next major unit of study is titled Writing for Readers. In this unit, we will learn strategies to help us write clearer, richer stories while strengthening the conventions and mechanics of our writing. A big goal for this unit is to continue to strengthen our independence muscles and to get more words and sentences onto our pages! We are already off to an incredible start and I cannot wait to share our published pieces after our next Writing Celebration in January. 

And let’s not forget how their brains are stretching and growing and learning in math (exploring 5’s, 10’s, patterns, 2 and 3-dimensional shapes, tallies, number formation, etc.), science, targeted phonics reading groups, during play and exploration, handwriting, etc. Kindergarten is busy and FUN!! Amazing humans, these children of yours! 


  • Check out the lost and found for any items that may have gone missing, we have a growing collection
  • Please send in a separate snack with your student on Fridays. We have found that during their morning Disco/Life Lab classes they are very hungry and needing something extra to fuel them. Thank you in advance for your help with that.


December 6      First Friday

December 7      Downtown Holiday Parade

December 11    Spirit Day-PJ Day

December 19    Starlight Sing 6:00-8 pm in the Lower School common space and our classroom. You will not want to miss this magical Kindergarten tradition. Feel free to invite extended family members or loved ones for this festive evening. If you are unable to attend please let me know ASAP. A signup genius for appetizers and snacks will be emailed out soon. 

December 23-January 3  Winter Break-NO SCHOOL

January 6         Return to school

As always please let me know if you have any questions! See you soon!