diciembre de lluvia

Welcome back MS families!

Wishes for you all to have spent quality time with friends and loved ones over our recent vacation. We all have much for which to be grateful.

As rainy December begins Spanish MS students are moving right along in their learning and progressing nicely. Sixth graders have been very quick to see patterns and make meaning of verb conjugations in the language. This week will also kick off introductions of Saladtown characters and the many personalities in our TPRS (Total Physical Response Storytelling) series. I know that this active group will be thrilled with the fun antics of the fruit and veggie folks in la Ciudad de Ensalada! Skits ahead!

Seventh graders have resumed their Saladtown studies, as well, with some head turning action in Episodio 9 of “Felipe Visita a Teresa”. A certain tomato ghost has made a creepy visit to the love lorn Teresa Tomate. What could it possibly mean? That ghost has a message for her! This month the 7th graders will also have their first Spanish midterm exam which while middle school friendly allows the opportunity to assess their knowledge and retention of key words of comprehensible input and content. They should be reviewing right up until the test date of 12/11.

Eighth grade will also have a larger Midterm in terms of high school level content and their first of the preterit past tense. This exam will take place on Thursday, 12/12. They should be studying nightly for this exam. These students are preparing for their placement exams in their respective high schools. Those exams usually take place between April and May and often determine placement into high school Spanish Levels I or II. Much of our year will be spent giving them the skills and tools to tackle the higher levels offered in local high schools.

My best wishes to you all for a blessed and happy holiday with family and friends.


Maestra Patty