February 24th Newsletter

Dear Families,

We have an exciting spring ahead! Here are a few dates to note:

March 6:  Life Lab Salad Feast (2:15 to 2:45 p.m. – Please join us! A Life Lab letter will be going home today with details about what your child volunteered to bring 🙂

March 12: Wetlands Speaker (students only)

March 13 + 16:  Parent/Teacher Conferences (please sign up if you haven’t yet)

March 19:  Field Trip to Neary Lagoon (8:45 to 12:00) – Driver/chaperone sign-up outside classroom doors (you can also e-mail me if you are interested)

April 2:  Wetlands/Ocean Day (afternoon — more details closer to the time)

April 14: Field Trip to Evergreen Cemetery (9:45 to 12:15)

May: Walking Trip to Wharf (date to be determined)

May: Student Author’s Party (date to be determined)

This is an important week for our science unit: your child will become an expert on crayfish anatomy! (You will too, as you help your child to practice!) You will see all the study sheets for the crayfish anatomy quiz in today’s folders. I will send home extra practice sheets each night and we will discuss study strategies today. The quiz is this Friday (to allow four nights to study). Your child can choose two levels of challenge: focusing on learning the locations of the anatomy words (and using a word bank) or learning all of the locations and spellings (no word bank). While this is certainly a very challenging quiz, I have been impressed by the ability of third graders to master these words since the quiz is visual (the quiz sheet will be identical to the practice sheet) and it is about a living animal we have right here in our classroom. If your child is sick today, he/she can have an extra day to prepare for the quiz if that is helpful.

Former music teacher David Cameron is back in Santa Cruz for a while and he will be subbing for me this Wednesday while I do reading assessments. The class is thrilled to see him again.

Have a great week!