Feliz noviembre, familias

Alumnus Kate Whitley returns to GMS to share “todo en espanol” her university study experience in Costa Rica. Brother, Ethan, grade 7, looks on from the front row. Middle Whitley brother, Ben, currently studying in Chile during his university year abroad.

Gateway middle school students and staff have had a fun and busy learning period enjoying special events, guest speakers, class projects and lively discussions. This Friday evening will be our first GWMS dance which promises to be fun and a great social experience for your growing children.

In Spanish class sixth grade students have been making a fine transition into a more structured approach to Spanish acquisition and learning by regularly completing in class and at home assignments, participating in class and also practicing their study skills for exams. In the coming month they will meet the fun characters of Saladtown introduced to them through an immersion style of Total Physical Response Storytelling. It could make for interesting conversation around the Thanksgiving table. Just ask them!

Seventh graders are currently presenting their Spanish speaking country flag projects. This project entailed researching first facts about their country’s flag: its physical qualities-colors, shapes, symbols, history and also geographical and interesting facts about the country itself. Creating the flag in a unique and invention manner makes this lots of fun. We’ve had cake flags, flags on shells, teddy bears, cats and dogs and even on snowboards and drum heads. Their oral presentation are “todo en espanol”, of course!

Eighth graders are retelling past episodes of Saladtown so that they may review that content from sixth and seventh grade before launching into the remaining stories that are at at a second year high school level. The class has also been participating in more frequent immersion activities to develop their comprehensible input skills—the current “push” and neuro-friendly mode to success in second language learning.

Please feel free to email this maestra at any time with questions and/or concerns. I am enjoying each class I spend with your students as they grow and learn not only in their Spanish acquisition but as young adolescents.

Be well,

Maestra Patricia