Does wingbeat frequency predict honeybee flower selection?

State Science Fair Update:

Gateway student, Abigail Goodman, won fourth place in the California State Science Fair Zoology category. She was one of only nine sixth-graders to place in California, and one of two projects from Santa Cruz to win.

Abigail’s project was titled “B Flat Bee: Does wingbeat frequency predict honeybee flower selection?” She discovered a novel potential tool for optimizing how beekeepers use honeybees to pollinate commercial crops!


Five Gateway students head to the State Science Fair!

This past January, ten middle school students who participated in our Gateway School Science Fair were invited to present at the Santa Cruz County Science and Engineering Fair in March. Flynn Rorty, Sofia Kvaternik, and Abigail Goodman were invited from 6th grade, Jared Henderson, Calvin Whittle-Daggett, Naiya Samios-McQuain, and Konish Bhattacharya were invited from 7th grade, and Owen L’Heureux, Sophie Folger, and Ty Koebler were invited from 8th grade.

To prepare for the County Science Fair these students dedicated extra time outside of school to revise and ready their projects for presentation to the county judges. Gateway students collectively won nine individual special awards at County, and five were invited to progress on to compete at the California State Science Fair in Los Angeles. Good luck to Sofia K., Abigail, Konish, Owen, and Ty. Gateway is proud of all of these students’ accomplishments!