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Giving at Gateway

We are deeply grateful to the generations of families who have invested in Gateway School’s students throughout its history to create this thriving and vibrant educational experience for thousands of children. We invite you to join current families, alumni families, alumni, trustees, staff, and friends to express your generosity through this tradition of philanthropy.


Gateway students have a confidence that carries through their life. High school teachers say they are confident, are not intimidated by new challenges, and take charge of their learning. These are special characteristics that are cultivated at Gateway. 
 Fane O, Parent of 3 alumni




The individual learning focus and high academic level it generates, combined with the incredible compassion and creativity of the faculty makes Gateway an amazing school. I attribute most of my success in high school and college to the fact that I was given a strong foundation at Gateway.
 Julia, Alumni, Class of 1997

Giving At Gateway

As with all independent schools, Gateway relies on private donations as well as tuition to deliver our program. The full cost of a Gateway education is a combination of tuition and philanthropic support from the Gateway community. Fundraising allows Gateway to provide students with an exemplary educational experience. Specific examples of how these dollars are used include faculty professional development, program enhancements, and support for Flexible Tuition.



Cash/Check/Credit Card - The most common way to make charitable donations are gifts made by check or credit card, although they may not be the most tax-advantageous. Please read the Appreciated Assets section next for another option that could provide greater tax benefits.

Appreciated Assets - Gifts of appreciated assets, such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds can be a great way to support Gateway and, if held for a year or more, typically provide a greater tax benefit than cash gifts. Your charitable income tax deduction is equal to the fair market value on the day it is donated and you avoid paying capital gains tax on the increased value. Asset transfer is easy so contact Nikki Patterson at to learn more.

Donor-Advised Funds (DAF) - A DAF is a charitable giving vehicle established by an individual/family and administered by an organization (Schwab, Fidelity, a community foundation, etc.). The donor recommends charitable grants and the organization sends the gift. Gateway happily accepts donations made through DAFs.

Matching Gifts - Matching Gifts are an excellent way to leverage your gifts. Many companies match donations given by their employees and retirees. Contact your company’s Human Resources Department for more information.

Planned Gifts - There are many ways to make a planned gift, but bequests (donations made by naming Gateway School in your will or trust) are the simplest. Bequest gifts can support a variety of programs like endowments, targeted programs, and projects, or operational expenses. There are many planned giving vehicles available. Please notify the Advancement Office to include Gateway in your estate or discuss planned giving options.

Investment Opportunities