4th: If at First You Don’t Succeed..

It’s been a few weeks since our Fourth Grade Disco weeks, but I did want to share with you how impressed I am with your students’ persistence and problem-solving mind sets. Throughout the week, students were given daily engineering challenges to complete, and they did so with enthusiasm, curiosity and generosity for themselves and others.

We built spaghetti towers to support marshmallows; paper tables to hold a heavy book; lego cars powered by balloons, paddle boats that could hold Harry the hamster. We talked about a few different kinds of engineers: mechanical, electrical, civil engineers, and chemical, and what types of structures and solvents they engineer. We thought about weight, height, velocity and surface tension as we built our prototypes.

What I witnessed again and again was the ability of these fourth graders to plan and communicate what they wanted to create, build their models, test their design and then go back and fix issues and iterate on their prototype as needed (even if it took 10 tries). It was an exciting opportunity and one I was fortunate to witness.