January 5th Newsletter

Dear Families,

Happy New Year! 

This is a regular spelling week, with the quiz on Thursday. I have been so impressed by your children’s willingness to challenge themselves with tricky words! Just so you know, any words missed on Thursday’s quiz can always be re-taken on Friday. A few children like to study the ones they missed and try one more time. I am trying to cultivate a growth mindset with the spelling words, as with all aspects of our program.

The CAIS Accreditation Team will be visiting Gateway this week. It is exciting to share our campus and our daily activities with the team so that they can see the richness of our program. We will be having a typical week, with one exception: instead of First Friday being on Friday, it will take place this Thursday morning at 8:45 a.m.

I am so excited for our winter/spring curriculum! Here are a few highlights of big projects/units starting this month:

  • We will launch our new science unit on wetlands, including a 10-week study of crayfish (one will come to live in our classroom!). Students will do careful observations and then design scientific questions. They will work in teams to carry out investigations about crayfish behavior. All of this will culminate in a scientific poster (complete with question, hypothesis, results, and conclusion), to be shared on Ocean Day (the day before we leave for spring break).
  • Every child will do a biography report on a person of their choice, as long as we can find a book at the appropriate reading level. This is an in-depth, long-term research project, starting with reading and taking careful notes. I have a large supply of biographies at the third grade reading level. If your child is determined to study someone I do not have a book about, I will contact you to ask for your help in finding something outside of school. I want to help each child find a biography about someone they admire and are excited to learn about.

As everyone adjusts to being back in school again, please help your child to get plenty of sleep!