Life Lab Garden Tour – Thank You’s

Huge THANK YOU to the enthusiastic, brilliant and dedicated Gateway students that led garden tours for over 6 hours on Saturday, September 9th!

Gateway school’s Life Lab garden was honored to be one of the 7 gardens selected to be on the Master Gardeners Wildlife and Water Wise garden tour this year!  We were visited by over 100 people during the tour on Saturday, Sept 9th, 10-4.

Thank you to 4th grader Niko Marinovic for his abundant enthusiasm and even theatrical description of our composting system.  His presentation of the FBI, “the other FBI… fungus, bacteria and invertebrates” was especially engaging.  I over heard many compliments on his solid understanding of the concepts, excitement about the subject and saw lots of smiles of admiration.

Thank you to 5th grader Ella L’Heureux for her confidence, good nature and hard work while teaching the public about how they can reduce water use by explaining in detail how our rain catchment systems work.  She tirelessly walked up and down the side stairs showing how we collect and store approximately 5000 gallons of rainwater off the school roof along with the greenhouse rain barrels. A visitor was grateful and amazed she was even able to share the math equation involved in rainwater catchment.

Thank you to 6th grader Oliver Grubb for his well researched, detailed, and thoughtful demonstration of our bio filtration ponds with hand pump system.  With great concentration and focus he explained how a wetland works and how our filtration ponds imitate a natural wetland to purify water from our sinks and then allow us to keep our precious water on our garden.  The visitors were not only impressed with our system but were impressed and complementary of their articulate and knowledgeable student docent.

Thank you to 6th graders Sophia Kvaternik and Jade Hausmann for sharing their special connection to and intimate knowledge of the value of their garden club experiences, and for guiding the public through our 1st grade fruit trees for all seasons project.  They made beautiful signs for our dozen fruit trees and shared stories from their past with fun facts and information about each tree.

Thank you to 6th graders Grace Jones and Lily Anderson for their in-depth pollinator garden tours of our insectary hedgerow, native plant garden and the new native butterfly nectar gardens that they planted with their classmates last year in 5th grade.  They explained their first hand knowledge of the process of planting, researching, and creating signs for the butterfly nectar resource garden.  The participants said they learned so much from their articulate and passionate guides about what plants they could use in their own gardens and some visitors even got to see some butterflies and other insects getting nectar during their tours.

Thank you to our fantastic Alums, Aya Allan-Colacicco and Maddie Hall for their ability to describe in great detail the complexity of our seasonal theme garden boxes and what the classes plant, care for, harvest, prepare and eat in their outdoor kitchen: from popcorn to pizza, and salsa to pesto.  They also decided to share the three sisters story and pointed out with delightful smiles examples of their symbiotic relationships in the garden boxes. What a joy to watch these high school students share their elementary years with visitors with enthusiasm, confidence and charming smiles.  The visitors were impressed with our graduates maturity, kindness and knowledge.

Many people who came to our school garden on Saturday said it was “the highlight of their day!! We especially loved the tour guides enthusiasm and knowledge”  And others wrote in the guest book saying, “I learned so much from the students and your garden, thanks.”  “Amazing garden, loved the walk and talk with the kids.” “Wonderful garden! What a great learning environment.” “I am so impressed by your garden water systems and student speakers! Thank you for the seeds grown and gathered by the students, I will treasure them.” 

Thank you so much again to the students that made this day exceptional and truly come to life in our living laboratory!


For more photos from the event, visit our media gallery