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Welcome to Gateway's Elementary School!

Our elementary program emphasizes exploration and discovery, to develop every child’s innate curiosity into a life-long approach to learning.

Elementary School Academic Program

Our approach teaches core skills, then integrates them across multiple disciplines, so that students are equipped with a set of intellectual tools they can use across all areas of learning. They learn to write about science and to use mathematics to quantify historical and current social challenges. This process encourages students to apply many different skills to any field of inquiry.

One thing I like about Gateway is everything! 

— Josh, 1st Grade student

Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten is a wonderful place of fun, where all children are engaged and learn. Kindergartners meet in whole groups throughout the day to share, practice mindfulness, and listen to story time. In small groups, students work on math and targeted phonics reading.

Every child has a unique learning style and specific developmental needs. Our teachers take time to understand each individual and to guide them at the appropriate level so that they do not get bored or overwhelmed.  

Our teachers love their jobs!

Gateway’s teachers are highly qualified, dedicated, and compassionate individuals who value imparting academic knowledge as well as teaching social-emotional skills.

The playground is part of our program.

Our playgrounds are guided by the three core principles of fun, safety, and inclusivity

Individual attention promotes increased participation.

Smaller class sizes give teachers the flexibility to provide support and additional instruction as needed.

Creating, moving, cultivating, and playing is a part of every school day.

Elementary school students participate in Gateway’s unmatched co-curricular program, led by expert specialists in Art and Technology, Music, Spanish, Life Lab, and Physical Education.

Students design, develop, and build hands-on solutions to solve problems.

Our program promotes collaboration, supports students with different learning styles, and provides a unique hands-on learning experience.

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