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Elementary School Co-Curricular Program

Our extraordinary co-curricular program includes specialist courses taught by expert, field-specific professionals. Students work with several co-curricular teachers throughout the year - including Art and Technology, Life Lab Science, Music, and Physical Education. Our specialist teachers work closely with classroom teachers to coordinate and integrate their lessons.

Art & Technology

Students ask themselves, “How do we better understand ourselves and our place in the world through art and technology?”

Life Lab Science

Students become biologists, botanists, physicists, ecologists, meteorologists, and more while working and learning in the garden together.


Music is accessible to every student, regardless of musical experience.

Physical Education

When children feel competent and confident in their ability to move, it opens the door to everything that is physical in our world.


Spanish comes alive through songs, stories, art, drama, Total Physical Response and Storytelling, conversation, and vocabulary building.

Elementary School: After School Programs