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After School Athletics

Go Sharks!

Athletics are an important part of any adolescent experience. 

By being part of a team, students learn new physical skills and how to work collaboratively, accept feedback, and overcome adversity. What they learn on the field and in the gym supports their academic, social and emotional growth 

Everyone interested may join the team - there are no tryouts. 
We strive to accommodate all students, and there are never cuts.Athletics Director Coach Z

Our inclusive After School Athletics Program focuses on teamwork, skill-building, and having fun!


Being part of a team teaches responsibility towards others.

  • Working cooperatively with peers spills into the classroom.
  • Pursuing a common goal builds a sense of belonging.


Taking appropriate risks and trying new things.

  • Learning new skills and overcoming adversities. builds self-esteem
  • Accepting feedback builds confidence.

Having Fun!

Athletes learn to support and encourage others.

  • Learning how to win and lose with grace. 
  • Strengthening peer relationships.

We play teams all over Santa Cruz County

Gateway participates in the Santa Cruz County Private Schools Association (SCCPSA) league that consists of fourteen private schools stretching from Santa Cruz to Watsonville. Games are played both at home and away.

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