Elective Courses

Elective Courses provide a variety of dynamic offerings that give students the chance to develop deeper mastery in areas of their passion, and also to experiment with new skills in a safe setting.

Classes are offered in a variety of strands, including as the arts (band, drama, 2d studio art), athletics (Beach Volleyball, Cross Country, Ultimate Frisbee), language arts (creative writing, French, novel studies), campus leadership (tech squad, yearbook, leadership) and more. Courses are taught by Gateway faculty and administration, as well as outside instructors when appropriate.

The electives schedule is based on a trimester system. Students enroll in one elective per trimester. Each class will meet twice per week for 65 minutes. Each trimester contains offerings in all areas, to provide a broad enrichment experience over the course of the school year. Selecting courses, fulfilling requirements, and following through with elective choices are important steps in personal responsibility, and great preparation for high school and beyond.

Recent elective course offerings include:

  • Rock Band
  • Game Theory
  • Studio Art
  • Web Design & Photoshop
  • Poetry
  • Theater
  • Cross Country
  • Creative Writing
  • Survival Skills
  • Herbal Concoctions
  • Leadership
  • Photography
  • The Art of Mindfulness & Clay
  • Tech Squad
  • Banned Books
  •  Yearbook