“Museum of Exclusion” Exhibit at the MAH

Gateway 8th graders showcased their “Museum of Exclusion” exhibits on Tuesday, May 23 at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (MAH) in downtown Santa Cruz.

Throughout the year, our 8th grade students have been tasked to think critically about multiple perspectives of the history of the United States, especially focusing on learning from those voices that are not at the forefront of the mainstream story.

They began with this Driving Question: How and why are groups of people excluded in US history and the present?

The goal in crafting the exhibit was framed in a Problem Statement: How can we as museum exhibit developers create an exhibit to illustrate and teach others about the stories people who have historically been marginalized?

In following the Buck Institute’s Project Based Learning model, the students created an authentic product, a Museum Exhibit highlighting the stories of one group who has been or is currently marginalized in the United States, and they were tasked to share these with a real world audience at the MAH.