News from R4- 11/6/19

Dear All,

Hello from our busy classroom! What a wacky and weird couple of weeks we’ve had here at GWS. From power outages and unexpected days off, to Halloween mayhem, to our week of testing AND Daylight Saving it’s been a discombobulating couple of weeks. The students are really practicing flexibility and going with the flow. This week’s ERB testing is going really smoothly. During the morning work periods students are working diligently, carefully and independently on completing these “bubble tests.” They are checking their own work and self regulating their need for breaks. I’m really proud of them. This is a different kind of work and pace, and they are rising to the challenge. I’m also grateful that we don’t often work this way at GWS!

We continued our exploration of the rock cycle with a super silly video about igneous rocks (think Santa and a song set to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock!) and a re-creation(using crayons) of magma cooling quickly above the earth’s surface and more slowly below the earth’s surface. We’ll be drawing diagrams in our science journal that will help guide our storyboarding and stop motion animation films we’ll work to create with Brianna and Tina’s class during Friday STEM times in the month of November.

Writer’s Workshop ANNOUNCEMENT! Yes I used all caps! Do I have your attention now!? 🙂 We will do a shared Writing Celebration with B/T5 on Thursday 11/21 at 2 PM. We’ll share in small author’s circles and have tea and a snack. This means that stories need to be wrapped up. The process looks like this:

  • Submit your draft to Rachel ASAP! I read, edit and provide some revision notes.
  • Writers fix up the edits and revise based on their own rereading and the revision notes.
  • Writers choose to fix up the story in the draft, recopy, or type their story in to google docs (on their GWS login!)
  • We will create covers and practice reading.
  • We’ll share in small supportive groups on the 21st with each author receiving written “glows” about their story. We hope you can join us!

Math is chugging along with a new month of Number Corner activities. The focus is time on the analog clock and volume measurements in cups, quarts, and gallons. We also played a place value games called roll and compare with big numbers. Students will be receiving their unit 2 reassessment next week so that they can make some goals (and see the progress they have already made!)

Lots of dates and events coming up:

  • Monday 11/11: No school, Veteran’s Day
  • Friday 11/15: 12:00 PM dismissal, staff inservice 
  • Thursday 11/21: 4th Grade Publishing Party (see invitation here or in your student’s binder.) Students will be showcasing the narrative stories that they’ve been working to develop since early in the school year. Please join us to celebrate! 
  • Tuesday 11/26: Grandfriend’s Day (see invites sent home with your oldest child.)
  • Wednesday 11/27-Friday 11/29: No school, Thanksgiving 

Join us!

RSPV to me or to Brianna!

Some gratitude shout-outs:
– Thanks to Chris and Layla for organizing the Halloween snacks and to everyone who helped bring things, set up, clean up etc. I still have a black spider table cloth. Is it yours?

-Thanks in advance for all the help with Grandfriend’s Day! It takes a village to pull of the spaghetti squash feast. I’ve been hearing about this event for years, and can’t wait to experience it.

Goals check up/ check in: Please revisit your student’s goals with them sometime this week. They should be able to log in to google drive to see these. We do semi-regular check ins here at school too!

Spelling Bee: Sari will be hosting the spelling bee tryouts on Friday November 22 at lunch time.  (12:35- 1ish) There is a sign up sheet outside my her door.  Please sign up by Wednesday November 20th, end of the day.  🙂

Thanks for all you do for your child, our classroom, and our school!