News from R4 10/17/19

Hello from half-way through October! Today’s BYP 2 PE day was such fun! It was great to play with you all, especially on the heels of Chris Vaughn’s presentation on the importance of play. He noted that all animals play as juveniles, but a defining characteristic of humans is our capacity to continue play our whole lives! He urged us all to find time to infuse play in to our lives and our family structures. One thing I loved about Kirsten’s PE class today was her ability to get us all moving and engaged and invested in beating our times in a cooperative way.

Learning a new cooperative games! We played two rounds and beat our time in round 2!
Practicing our throws.

Here are some updates from our classroom:

Meet Monica! Monica (who also joined us for BYP 2 PE) is a UCSC intern in developmental psychology who will be with us Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. She interested in the field of education and is committing 10 hours each week to our classroom and our school. We got to know her a little bit this morning during morning meeting, and I was impressed at how she jumped right in to join in all our activities. Please do say hi to her when you see her in the next few weeks.

Math- Today we had our final assessment for unit 1. Students will have the opportunity to compare their pre and post assessments to see their growth…and areas they may still be working on.

Unit 2 will begin this week with a focus on multi-digit multiplication and division. Students will be extending the skills and strategies they’ve practiced in unit one to larger numbers. If single digit multiplication is still tricky, there will be continued opportunities to practice those skills, and setting up some extra practice, perhaps with IXL (linked through Google Classroom) may help your child gain confidence.

Use this link to find the Bridges Family Letter for Unit 2.

Writer’s Workshop We’re working hard to finish drafts of a short realistic fiction piece. Once complete students will submit their draft to me for editing and revision notes. We’ll confer about the edits and revisions. Afterwards they will be responsible for correcting the edits, and making some revisions before they decide how to publish their finished product. Students will have 3 choices for publication: fix up the draft, recopy neatly, or type in to Google Docs on their GWS Google account. Our goal is a publishing party in early November!

Science We’re excited to pick up our physical science unit again this week. We’re exploring the rock cycle more thoroughly, and using crayons to model weathering, erosion, deposition and the compacting of sediment to create sedimentary rocks. We drew beautiful diagrams to illustrate and explain the process. Come check them out in our Science Journals when you have a chance. Next week we’ll try our hand at recreating igneous and metamorphic rocks!

Weathering our “rocks.”
Erosion and Deposition into tin foil river beds that dried up and got buried over time.
Applying pressure to compact the weathered sediment.
Teams weather their crayon “rocks” outside our classroom.

Disco Week – next week! Get ready for physical computing/ coding with Arduino! Stay tuned for more about this as we dive in to our Disco time with Krissie next week.

Literature Circles We’re continuing to learn the various jobs of Literature Circles this week. We’ve added Question Creator- which will be homework tonight!