Newsletter – February 3rd

Dear Families,

This week in third grade, we are finishing up our math unit on multi-digit addition and subtraction and doing the unit assessment. We will also be starting the next unit, which focuses on Measurement and Fractions. Your children are now quite confident with the standard algorithms for addition with carrying and subtraction with trading. Feel free to practice these more at home! (They can solve problems like 523 – 279 or 489 + 467).

We continue to take notes in the biography packets in preparation for writing the first draft of the report. Some children are working on first drafts already. I am so impressed by the excitement and motivation this class has shown with this project! Reading to locate specific information can be challenging at times, but these third graders are showing a lot of persistence and determination.

Last Friday, we officially started our crayfish observation unit! After studying arthropods, we are now focusing specifically on crayfish and wetlands. Every child has a crayfish observation journal and they started out by writing down everything they see and wonder about. Then they did a drawing of our live crayfish, trying to be as accurate as possible.

We spend time every week reading aloud together from National Geographic Explorer or Scholastic News. Students are practicing reading aloud clearly, accurately, and with expression. The content is always interesting, so this leads to fascinating discussions. Our most recent article was about scientists who are putting tracking devices into fake sea turtle eggs to find poachers. Please ask your child to read aloud to you for 5-10 minutes at a time to continue to practice fluency skills!

It is very cold and windy outside today and we still don’t have heat in our classrooms, so please make sure your child comes to school with lots of warm layers. Also, there has been some sickness going around. In the past few weeks, a number of children have had to leave school early because they weren’t feeling well enough to be at school. Take care and stay healthy!

Have a great week —