Newsletter January 13th

Dear Families,

Ask your child about their arthropod design! As an introduction to crayfish, we are doing a few lessons about arthropods. Crayfish and other crustaceans are arthropods, along with centipedes, spiders, and dragonflies. With our “Design-your-own Arthropod” project, students are creating new and different arthropods with all of the basic characteristics: jointed legs, exoskeletons, many pairs of legs (at least six), bilateral symmetry, and segmented bodies. When each new arthropod is completed, third graders give a presentation to the class, sharing the name, habitat, and how its body plan helps with survival. The class watched an extraordinary nature film in the series “The Shape of Life”; we learned that arthropods were the first animals to emerge from the oceans and move onto land, millions of years ago. Scientists are building robots to imitate arthropod movements because jointed legs help them to navigate all kinds of terrain. In the next few weeks, a live crayfish will join us in the classroom so that we can carry out observations and a detailed study of crayfish anatomy and behavior. Your children are so excited about this new science unit (I am too!).

Reminder: There is no school this Friday, January 17th (it’s a teacher in-service day). Childcare is offered from 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. at $11/hour. Students must be signed up for childcare by Wednesday evening in order to attend childcare on Friday. To sign your child up for childcare, you can call the office, email Megan (, or sign up on the hard copy sheet at the front office.

Health update: Four children went home sick today, during the day. Please monitor your child for fever. There seems to be something going around.

We have a regular spelling week, with a quiz on Thursday. I will be out this Wednesday 1/15 and Tina Clarke will be my sub.

Have a great week!