Parent Ed: Mind Your P’s and Q’s

Assistant Head Of  School, Sherri Helvie, hosted a workshop for parents last week entitled, “Mind Your P’s and Q’s.”

Using the article, “25 Manners Kids Should Know By Age Nine” the parents in attendance discussed and expanded on the list of recommended manners and shared the ways they are being implemented at home. Among the group’s favorites; asking their child the eye color of the person they were speaking with, as a reminder to make eye contact.

Parents shared how they not only teach their children to use polite words and phrases, but also ask their children to recognize another person’s context and to be considerate. The balance of being considerate of others while staying true to your self was discussed. This led one parent to ask, “ When does being polite become being passive?”

Gender roles and safety issues were explored regarding being polite. The group concluded that while teaching our children to be respectful and polite we must also teach them to listen to their instincts, evaluate each situation and make exceptions to “the rules” depending on individual circumstances.

Sherri’s Mind Your P’s and Q’s brought together the different perspectives of what manners should look like in our community.