Representing Mathematical Ideas

Sixth Grade Families:

We are off to a great start in the CPM Course one material.  We began the year with an introduction to the big concepts of this math course, such as organizing data and using mathematical reasoning to make predictions.. The students have also been learning to develop several ways to represent mathematical ideas using numbers, symbols, diagrams, words and various kinds of tables.

In addition, I have given them a pre-assessment of skills that they should have been introduced to so I can determine what skills each individual needs continued work on.  I will be focusing on these skills with individuals and small group in the guided lessons in class.  Some students will be receiving extra practice sheets in these skills for homework if needed. For students who need less practice in skills they will be working on extensions and challenge problems.i

Students have been very engaged in the Math Stations during class time.  They are learning the routines of working with partners and taking responsibility to complete the weekly assignments with focus and independence.

We will be moving into Chapter 2 of the CPM course where students will analyze the strengths and weakness of various graphical representations of data; they with explore the meaning of measures of central tendency, they will define and measure the area of  rectangles and shapes that can be broken into rectangles; they will learn to use a generic rectangle to aid them in multiply on paper and mentally; in addition they will explore strategies for determining the greatest common factor of selected numbers.

It is a pleasure teaching your students and I look forward to an exciting semester engaging in math explorations.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions,

Take Care,